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    Eugene Ranada

    Hi Adam,

    I just received my Mega XL and did a full charge (full battery icon blinking displayed on LCD while charging) before using it as instructed on the quick start guide. I turned it on and noticed that the battery indicator is 100% but when i turn on the backlight it immediately updates the battery bar to 90%(? not sure as it's graphically represented). I tried recharging again but same result, 100% on fresh charge then drop to 90% immediately when backlight is turned on. I have not taken it for a ride or connected any external sensors yet.

    The battery level (Menu > Info > Battey) is 4.16v when the battery indicator is at 90%. When it's 100% the battery level is 4.18v. I have the following questions:

    1. Do I have a defective battery or is this a bug in the firmware?
    2. Can we please have the option to show battery percentage as numbers? I guess that would be possible as levels can be determined, maybe in a future firmare upgrade? would appreciate it very much.



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    That was something a few people were seeing in the initial firmware. It should be remedied with remedied with 8.29.

    We've chosen to go away from battery level in percentage since it's not truly representative of the actual battery level, e.g. ever seen your phone strangely sit at 1% three times longer than it took it to get from 10% to 2%?

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    Eugene Ranada

    Seems #1 is fixed with 8.29 just tested it.

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