What does my GPS device need a phone connection for?




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    I understand that I need a phone connection to load a route onto the GPS device - however what I find a total failure is that the phone needs an INTERNET connection in order to load that route to the device.  I was recently traveling in Europe and I didn't have cell service.  But I had loaded all my routes into GPS ROOT.  Then each morning, I would load my route onto the GPS - except - for some totally unknown and unexplainable reason, I can't if I am not connected to Wifi. 

    PLEASE look at this - the route is on the phone, and the phone just needs to copy it to the device - please remove the check for an internet connection to load the navigation.  ( I don't need directions to the "start" if that's the reason - I just want the route on the GPS!! )




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    Hi Shane,

    The swirling arrows on the Saved Routes screen syncs them to your phone, so you can load them without a data connection. Once it's been synced, a phone icon appears next to it.

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    Well I'll be!  Wish I knew that last week when I needed it.  Well perfect - thanks for the clarification.  I just tested it and it worked great. 




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