Navigation, and GPX files versus TCX files




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    Jan Hermann

    I'd like to add that I had success in generating cue sheets for routes exported from Strava with (free with ads).

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    Guillaume Leclercq1

    One of the problem I see there is when you want to follow a track that you have downloaded in GPX format. You can import the GPX file to Lezyne root but you do not get Turn By Turn information, meaning that is is nearly impossible to follow the track.

    Ride With GPS generates cuesheets only when you are creating your own route. If you upload a GPX file then you will not get cuesheet informations, or you have to pay for a basic suscription ($6 a month or $50 a year).

    So GPS are running fine if you plan your own root, but it would be very useful that in Lezye GPS root you can convert TCX or GPX files to TCX files with cuesheets to use Turn by Turn navigation. Or better, download a GPX file and upload it directly in Ally V2 App and conversion to TBT would be made there.

    I have not found in plotaroute then how to add cuesheets, will look there waiting for upgrades in Lezyne GPS root site. Hope this will come very soon ... and make me enjoy more your GPS.

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    Anthony Molieri

    One thing that would be nice is if it were possible to upload a GPX or TCX file directly into the GPS Ally app. The process of going through the GPS root website is great when you have a computer handy, but clunky if limited to a mobile device. Would be an awesome feature to have, when rolling up to a fondo or meeting up with a friend who has texted you a link to the days route!

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