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    Anja Uhlig

    Thank you - very fine article ....

    but HOW can I change the battery in the Micro Drive Year 6 ???????

    how is it made? and how can I get off the battery without destroying the light?

    I tried out to find out this here in the helpdesk, but don't find anything about the topic.



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    Hi Anja,

    The crafty people over at iFixit came up with a guide for doing that at home.

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    Matt Leonard

    I have the 1st and 2nd generation Superdrive which both use the 18650 battery.  Way back when, I was told I had to buy the Lezyne proprietary battery for $20 for safety reasons.  Was that BS, and I can buy any 18650 battery?  Do you recommend a specific brand?

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    I don't have a brand suggest. Just make sure that the battery has a protection circuit. All of our batteries have a protection circuit that protects the battery from over voltage, over current, and under voltage failures.

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    End User

    Hi Adam,

    I have a pair of Micro Drive lights, they have given excellent service in the years I've owned them. The front light has recently started showing a red LED under the power button after roughly 20 minutes from switching on.

    The cells are LIR600 Lezyne branded, I deliberately run both cells down and used a USB UPM (universal power meter) to monitor the charging process, this allows me to see how many mAh's the cell has taken to fully charge.

    Weirdly, one battery charged to 622mAh, the other to 902mah ~ how is this possible when both cells are only 600mAh rated...?, perhaps my USB UPM is wholly unreliable, to be sure, I'm running the cells down once more and will charge again using the monitor; but perhaps I should get another power monitor for comparison. I will be replacing the cells as soon as I can, but finding the cells at a reasonable price and will ship to my location, is proving difficult, so I may plump for Nitecore RCR123a (protected) cells.

    FWIW: The run time (on brightest setting) is still pretty good despite a failing cell;

    REAR   = 214 minutes (3h 34mins) ~ 70 lumens
    FRONT = 192 minutes (3h 12mins) ~ 200 lumens


    p.s. Disassembly achieved using a silicone gun, a herb grinder and 2 sockets (12mm & 22mm).

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