Batteries over the years




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    Anja Uhlig

    Thank you - very fine article ....

    but HOW can I change the battery in the Micro Drive Year 6 ???????

    how is it made? and how can I get off the battery without destroying the light?

    I tried out to find out this here in the helpdesk, but don't find anything about the topic.



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    Hi Anja,

    The crafty people over at iFixit came up with a guide for doing that at home.

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    Matt Leonard

    I have the 1st and 2nd generation Superdrive which both use the 18650 battery.  Way back when, I was told I had to buy the Lezyne proprietary battery for $20 for safety reasons.  Was that BS, and I can buy any 18650 battery?  Do you recommend a specific brand?

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    I don't have a brand suggest. Just make sure that the battery has a protection circuit. All of our batteries have a protection circuit that protects the battery from over voltage, over current, and under voltage failures.

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