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    A little tip that may be useful...

    In common with other devices with barometric altimeters wet weather and mucky conditions can clog the altimeter opening and result in very poor altitude recording.  On the Super Enhanced GPS an easy fix for this is a piece of light plastic and some double sided tape applied as seen in the picture.  This prevents water or dirt blocking the opening for the altimeter but doesn't impair accurate recording.


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    Martin Kutlak

    Is it possible to turn off the correction algorithm on the root site? 

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    Hi Martin,

    No, you cannot.

    Why would you want to do that?

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    Chris George

    Shoot. Really wish I'd seen this page before buying the Macro GPS. Its elevation numbers are so far off that it's better not to show them at all than to be told you've climbed three times as high as you actually have. This is quite disappointing to me because elevation ascent/descent was the primary reason I decided to buy a GPS unit rather than a more basic computer. 

    I would recommend that Lezyne mention the lack of accuracy on the product page for the Macro GPS: https://www.lezyne.com/product-gps-supergpsY11.php (Under "DISPLAY DATA," there is a listing for "Elevation: Ascent, Descent, Current"). While I had no expectation of 100% accuracy, seeing "Elevation: Ascent" and "Descent" specifically listed on this page made me think it would be a reasonable expectation to have somewhat useful elevation numbers on the Macro. Please consider warning your customers about this on this page. Thanks.

    I will say that the other features are great, so I will try the Super GPS and see if that is more useful in this area.

    If you're wondering about my usage: I'm a bike commuter and I like to go bike touring for several days at a time. I find the turn-by-turn navigation helpful, but my primary concern is how far I've gone and how high I've climbed so far on any given day. These numbers help me keep track of how far I can go that day and, for example, whether I can reach a campsite on top of a mountain before sunset.

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    Cal Henshaw

    I've recently been having a lot of trouble with elevation numbers from my Mega XL - showing 16000m vert for a 4500m vert ride. Correction in strava is great, but I wish it would be correct on the device. This seems to only be happening recently. Any reason or fix?



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