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    Why it ignores all bike lanes or cycle tracks ? It suggests to cross 3 lines street each side without any concerns. It suggests to make right turn on 3 lines road... It suggests road bike trip through unpaved trail. Quite weird suggestions...

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    Tech Support

    Hi Woha,

    I'm not sure what 3 lines streets are. We utilize 3rd party sites to generated directions. Occasionally, in some countries, we'll see some the 3rd party site is doing something odd. Please submit a ticket, and we can work to fix it.

    Please include the country you're seeing the error in and a screen capture showing the behavior. It would also be helpful to have a FIT file of you following the route.

    Unpaved cycle tracks are going to be harder to avoid. If someone, where you live, has designated it a gravel path as a cycle path, it's going to show up as a potential route.

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