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    Galen Udell

    I have now had to go into boot loader mode on Windows laptop. Saw some progress, but now have been stuck with the "Do Not Unplug GPS" message for over 3 hours. Appears to be trying to reset the device, but no communication is happening. The log shows several lines with the last 2 saying:

    <<Reset device after a 5 second reset>>

    <<Sending blhost reset device>>

    Can anyone tell me what I can do next??? The "Force update" and "Reset to Factory" commands are greyed out and cannot be selected in the updater.

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    Tech Support

    Hi Galen,

    Unfortunately, there's no perfect solution if you get stuck there. There's a good chance that unplugging it will brick the device, but you have to unplug it to try and start the process over again.

    If you're unable to get the update/restore to run after unplugging it and re-trying, just submit a ticket, and we'll help you find an option.

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    Hi Galen
    I had this problem with an up to date win 10 pc. Try it on a different pc or laptop. For whatever reason the update software could not complete on the pc but worked perfectly on my laptop. I discovered this after many emails to support, returning the new gps to the purchaser and then to lezyne themselves. Months of waiting!. Worth a go.

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    Timothy Weldon

    I am having a problem connecting my Y10 Mini GPS to my computer for an update, although when I first purchased the device it updated easily. I get the following error message when connecting to a Windows 10 computer "unknown usb device (device descriptor request failed)" I have tried 6 different USB cables on two different Windows 10 computers, but I consistently get the same error. The update app does not recognize it as being connected and I have tried doing a hard reset but my computers will still not recognize it. I tried several times to force the device to attach to the computer in bootloader mode following the above instructions, but the device does not actually seem to enter bootloader mode. Otherwise the unit seems to be working correctly, but I would like to keep it updated with the latest firmware. Any suggestion on how I can get the device to connect correctly?

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    Tech Support

    Hi Timothy,

    Make sure the USB Cable you're using is a data transfer cable. Our Lezyne USB cable is one, and we always recommend using this one. Are you still getting this issue with our Lezyne cable?

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    robbie teasdale

    hi Adam,


       I am having a problem with my super gps y9. as I was scrolling through some options on the device itself, the device then froze on me but with a constant tone as well. I have try everything from holding buttons down to connecting to the mac and nothing is happening I can't even power off the device. 

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    Chris Bartlett


    This article saved my GPS device after the Firmware Update initially broke it!!

    Have also followed the tips - and reupdated Firmware once the Bootloader mode recovered my device!!

    Now to check out what the firmware update gives me!!

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    Aleksey Novikov

    Recently I was brick micro watch during update procedure. Last time device was connected to win10 host using usb3 interface. Later I try to connect device using usb2 interface and now firmware upgrade finished successfully.

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