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    Galen Udell

    I have now had to go into boot loader mode on Windows laptop. Saw some progress, but now have been stuck with the "Do Not Unplug GPS" message for over 3 hours. Appears to be trying to reset the device, but no communication is happening. The log shows several lines with the last 2 saying:

    <<Reset device after a 5 second reset>>

    <<Sending blhost reset device>>

    Can anyone tell me what I can do next??? The "Force update" and "Reset to Factory" commands are greyed out and cannot be selected in the updater.

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    Hi Galen,

    Unfortunately, there's no perfect solution if you get stuck there. There's a good chance that unplugging it will brick the device, but you have to unplug it to try and start the process over again.

    If you're unable to get the update/restore to run after unplugging it and re-trying, just submit a ticket, and we'll help you find an option.

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    Hi Galen
    I had this problem with an up to date win 10 pc. Try it on a different pc or laptop. For whatever reason the update software could not complete on the pc but worked perfectly on my laptop. I discovered this after many emails to support, returning the new gps to the purchaser and then to lezyne themselves. Months of waiting!. Worth a go.

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