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    Marcin Muchowicz

    I recently purchased your MICRO GPS WATCH product with the conviction that I can display the Gradient. On your website, the specification specifies that such an option is available which confuses the buyers of your products.  :(  What can I do to get this option on the display?
    However, it may make an option in the next version of the software based on the GPS indication.
    Greetings Marcin

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    Tech Support

    Hi Marcin,

    I apologize; that was incorrectly put on the site. I'm having our site manager remove Grade from the list of features.

    I will pass on your request for it to be added to the devices without barometers, but the reading would be very inaccurate. As I stated in the article, real time changes in elevation are not easy to read with only a GPS signal. If we add the field, the reading that it displays will not be precise. Honestly, reading Grade/Gradient on any consumer level GPS device, even with a barometer, is a little difficult.

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    Marcin Muchowicz

    Thank you for your answer.
    Yes I agree but a better inaccurate option than self-counting.

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