Updating your GPS device




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    Cameron Primrose

    I have been trying to update my Macro GPS and i've had to do it on bootloader mode. It just hung up on the "resetting device" stage. It was stuck at that stage for at least an hour.

    I started again and now its giving me a slightly different screen and keeps prompting me to select my device type and shows "resetting device" again but this time with a status bar that keeps cycling. 

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    Tech Support

    Hi Cameron,

    Do you know or can you check the version of firmware you were updating from?

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    Cameron Primrose

    Hi Adam,

    I don't know the firmware version on and the device is completely bricked so i can't turn anything on to find out. 

    I'm in the UK so I've actually returned it to the store where I bought it and they have already been in contact with Lezyne support UK. It's now in the hands of Evans Cycles and Lezyne UK.


    Thanks anyway though. 

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